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Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Program

Do you want to enhance your professional image by removing those tattoos? Don’t worry; Reborn Skin Care has got you covered. Dr. Burger's tattoo removal program has been designed to service anyone of you who desires to remove any signs of a tattoo. The best part is that with our PicoSure laser, your tattoo will be removed faster than with other lasers and methods.

Say Goodbye to Your Tattoos Today!

Laser tattoo removal results are undeniable! Laser tattoo removal techniques at Reborn Skin Care can eliminate your tattoo with minimal side effects on your skin. Dr. Burger uses PicoSure laser tattoo removal! It is a new technology that far exceeds the capabilities and comfort levels of its predecessors.

Advantages of Using PicoSure Technology

  • PicoSure laser cuts the tattoo removal time in half
  • PicoSure laser is the world's first picosecond laser
  • PicoSure treats tattoos and pigmented lesions
  • PicoSure works effectively on multicolored tattoos, blue and green tattoos, hard-to-remove black ink, and previously treated tattoos. It also requires fewer treatments than traditional laser tattoo removal devices
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Times have changed. Your life has changed. Make sure your art reflects your life. Do you have a tattoo that you don't want anymore or want to change?
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